Refrigerated Air Dryer

We offer our clients Refrigerated Air Dryer, which are available in self cleaning smooth surface. These are also available with Tube in Shell and Tube in Tube design, which helps in maintaining the heat transfer efficiency throughout the dryer's life. Further, these are available without any dust and dirt particles and can be washed from the air system along with the condensed moisture at the De-mister. Moreover, our High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer are available in a range of 40cfm.

Design Advantages of our Dryer:

  • Micro Processor Controller - Optional
  • Energy save drain valve - Optional
  • Outlet Air reheated to save compressed air system power and energy,thus preventing pipe sweating.
  • Low velocity,low-pressure drop,mechanical separator for maximum moisture removal.
  • Insulated heat exchanges maximize energy efficiency,safety & production.
  • Simplified refrigerant system uses a measured charge for maximum reliability.
  • Environment friendly refrigerants.