About Us

Sri Varu Industries was born in the year 1997, in Coimbatore, a well known industrial hub, in India. The unit is spread over 6000 square feet. It started its journey, manufacturing compressor spares. Gradually the company’s customer base widened, and leading companies started buying spares from us. This was possible because of the quality and prompt service offered by us. We served all the companies with negligible rejection %.

By this time, our company leadership thought it was right time to start manufacturing our own PRODUCT in our own BRAND. This gave birth to MAGNUM AIR compressor pumps.

Sensing that there is going to be a huge demand for tank compressors, because of the pneumatic revolution that was happening around the globe, the company started manufacturing TANK COMPRESSORS from the year 2003. We arevery proud to say that we sell on an average around 300 - 400 units every year from 3 hp to 40 hp. Our after sales & service centre is working round the clock. .

The year 2008 had been a golden year for the company, simply for the reason that, quiet a lot of new products were added to its already existing models like PET BLOWING MACHINE, PET COMPRESSOR, HIGH VOLUME COMPRESSORS, OIL FREE COMPRESSORS, DRYERS, CHILLERS, and DENTAL COMPRESSORS etc. .

Ours is an ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED COMPANY. Our machines are now getting exported to countries like SOUTH AFRICA, SEYCHELLES, NIGERIA, UGANDA, REWANDA, DUBAI, & NEPAL. We strongly believe that in the years to come, we will be a very strong force to reckon with in the field of COMPRESSORS, and will be remembered for our QUALITY and AFTER SALES SERVICE.

The company boasts of a fantastic vendor net work of over 15 companies. The collective work force of these 15 companies is about 150 skilled workers, with the state of art machineries. This vendor team is with us for past 10 years, Because of which, they know what is expected out of them. This enables us to dish out a quality Product each and every time.